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Dealing With a Problematic Septic System on a Farm

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Did you learn that the septic system at the farmhouse that you purchased is problematic? If your purpose of purchasing the farmhouse is to use the land it sits on for growing crops, the condition of the septic system is very important. The reason why is because it is possible that parts of the system is damaged to the extent of allowing waste to contaminate the soil. There a few things that must be inspected before you begin growing your crops. Below, learn about the important things that you should consider doing to make sure your crops doesn't grow in toxic soil.

Make Sure Your Soil Is Thoroughly Inspected

The first that you must do is to make sure your soil hasn't become contaminated from the problematic septic system. The best way for you to find out is to get a topographic survey performed. If the previous owner of the farm had a topographic survey performed shortly before you purchased the property, you might want to simply obtain a copy of the report. Basically, the survey will give you a good idea in regard to whether or not the soil is good enough for growing crops in. You will also be able to invest in getting the soil treated to get rid of contaminants if it is necessary.

Find Out If the Drainfield Is in Need of New Lines

The main area of a septic system that can lead to contaminated soil is the drainfield. There are lines installed under the ground in the drainfield that must be in good shape to prevent a severe case of soil contamination. It is actually normal for waste to be spread through the soil in the drainfield, but when the lines are damaged, large amounts of waste can sit on top of the ground and flood the soil. If you have noticed an area of the ground that has large puddles of water that smells foul, it is likely the drainfield. You can get the lines repaired or replaced to get rid of the problem.

Get the Septic Tank Inspected in Case It Is Damaged

One of the things that can lead to contaminated soil is a septic tank that leaks. Hire a contractor to examine the tank to make sure there are no areas that is allowing waste to leak out. He or she might have to repair the tank, but it is possible that you need a new one if it is worn out. You might need to get the entire septic system reinstalled with new parts.