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Double Your Dough! How To Make More Money By Making More Pizza Dough

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In the world of pizzerias, you have to be ready with that dough. Pizza dough takes time to make, and even longer to sit and rise. If you are still making dough by hand, that is admirable, but you are also losing money doing it. If you want to double your dough (i.e., money), then you need to double the speed and double your dough (i.e., pizza dough). Here is how.

Invest in a Commercial/Industrial Double Arm Mixer

These devices are often used for everything from mixing dough to pulverizing meats into sausage stuffing. What you want is one that has twin arms and extensions for mixing dough in giant steel bowls. One that also has arm grinders works, too. (In fact, you might want two of these; one for dough, and one to make homemade, authentic Italian sausages.) Bolt the double arm mixer to the floor in the kitchen of your pizzeria and you are ready to go.

Fill the Hopper of the Mixer with Your Dough Ingredients

You can open or close the hoppers on these machines, but for safety reasons, you probably would want to keep them closed. To double your dough, dump all of the ingredients into the hopper. Add just a pinch extra of olive oil to keep your dough from sticking to the machine's mixers/grinders. Close the lid to keep ingredients in and body parts out. A good medium speed should be sufficient to mix dough. Let it go for about ten minutes and then check on it. You may have to experiment a few times to see how much extra dough you can make.

Cut the Power to the Mixer and Remove Your Dough

It is best to pull the cord for the mixer from the wall to avoid accidentally turning on the mixer when you are scooping out dough. The best part about this type of mixer is that you can cut dough balls right from the batch in the mixer. You can scrape the remaining dough from the double arms and that becomes a dough ball, too.

Now you can make another batch of dough while you roll and knead the dough balls from the first batch. While these dough balls are set aside to rise, you are getting the second batch of dough balls from the mixer. You could have more than enough dough in more than enough pizza pans ready in time for the lunch and dinner rushes, and be able to fill all of the orders without long waits! Pizzerias that produce on demand and with short wait times make more money, period.