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Top Features To Look For In A Plastic Grease Interceptor For Your Restaurant

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Grease interceptors do a profound service for your restaurant's plumbing system, but this is one back-operation component most restaurant owners know little about. If you ever have to pick out a grease interceptor for your place of business, you may feel a little lost looking at all the options. There are so many grease interceptor models that tracking down the right one can be quite the challenge. Here is a short list of good features to look for in a plastic grease interceptor to ensure you get a model that will provide the best service for your restaurant business. 

Seamless Construction

Some grease interceptors are not made completely seamless in their design; they actually have multiple parts that connect together. These are not the best for a commercial setting because if they get full of water, moisture and grease can push through the seams and make a huge mess. Look for a grease interceptor instead that has a more seamless design. Larger interceptors tend to be seamless in their manufacturing design, which means you will have to have space for it, but they are well worth whatever adjustments you have to make to get the grease interceptor to work. 

Temperature Resilient

In the restaurant business, it is perfectly normal to utilize extremely hot water in sinks, for cleaning, and in your dishwasher because hot water sterilizes whatever it is that you are cleaning. But because you do use high-temperature water that will be cycled through the grease interceptor, you need an interceptor that is designed to be resilient to high heat. Unfortunately, not every grease interceptor will be. Therefore, you should be looking for a model that is made of resinous plastic that can stand up to scalding hot water that will be funneling through it. Otherwise, you can end up with a busted interceptor that has to be replaced soon after installation. 

Discourages Bacteria Accumulation

Grease, oil, and food particles will be caught inside of the grease interceptor for periods of time between cleaning, and this gunk definitely can harbor bacteria that will multiply in the right environment. The best plastic grease interceptors have a coating or lining inside that is designed to ward off the growth of bacteria. This may seem unimportant, but you do not want to pull open an interceptor that has been harboring and encouraging bacterial growth and expose your business environment to dangerous pathogens.

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