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Purchase New Dock Equipment To Meet Efficiency And Safety Standards

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Transporting shipments and deliveries into and out of your warehouse requires quite a bit of manpower. Fatigue can settle in and injuries or damage to products can occur if heavy and bulk items are not transported properly. Invest in some convertible hand trucks, adjustable back braces, and a dock plate to meet efficiency and safety standards.

Choose A Convertible Hand Truck Style

Convertible hand trucks or dollies have straight or rounded backs. Choose a straight back style if your workers are predominantly responsible for moving cartons. A rounded back style is suitable for drum-shaped units, such as barrels or plastic containers that contain liquids.

If shipments and deliveries are often packed in small boxes, purchase hand trucks that contain lattice backings. Lattice backings will prevent small packages from slipping through the back of a hand truck as they are being transported through the warehouse. A convertible hand truck should be used in an upright position when only a few items that are light in weight are being transported.

If a large number of items that are heavy need to be moved, a hand truck should be adjusted so that all four wheels rest on the floor. This position will make it easier for large, heavy loads to be pushed or pulled across the floor.

Purchase Fabric Braces And A Steel Dock Plate

If your workers haven't been required to wear back braces previously, an injury could occur while straining to pick up a multitude of packages. Fabric back braces that each contain stretchy shoulder straps and a wide fabric back piece will provide additional support and will prevent awkward movements.

Order braces that are various sizes and require your workers to wear one of the aids whenever they are moving heavy items throughout the shipping and receiving area. Request that the braces are labeled with the employees' names and placed inside of the warehouse breakroom at the end of each work shift.

If some of the freight truck drivers that pick up shipments or bring shipments to your warehouse drive vehicles that contain a higher or lower loading platform than the dock that is attached to the warehouse, it can be awkward for the drivers to move items onto or from their trucks.

A steel dock plate will bridge gaps between the ends of trucks and the dock, making it more efficient and safer to move items from place-to-place. Steel is a material that is able to hold heavy amounts of weight, making it possible for large loads to be moved across the steel surface at the same time. 

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