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How Pedestrian Detection System Can Help Avoid Accidents In Your Warehouse Or Production Floor

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A warehouse pedestrian detection system can improve the safety of your workers, reduce accidents, and save on insurance costs for your business. While the system is designed for warehouses, it can also be implemented in production facilities, loading docks, or anywhere vehicles and pedestrians work in close proximity.

Mixed Traffic

It is not uncommon in warehouse or production settings for pedestrians and forklifts or stock pickers to be using the same space. At the same time, the equipment working in the area might be hauling materials or products and not have excellent visibility over or around the load.

The potential for a driver to not see someone working in the area should not be ignored, and adding a warehouse pedestrian detection system can help ensure the machine does not hit someone that they can't see. The system uses a system of proximity sensors on the machine and one that the pedestrian carries while working in the area. 

If the sensor on the equipment senses a pedestrian nearby, it alerts the operator so they are aware and can watch for the worker. The worker's sensor also alerts the pedestrian, so they know a piece of equipment is coming or is in the area, and they can watch for it to ensure they are not in the driver's path. The system allows mixed traffic throughout the warehouse while reducing the chance of anyone getting hurt. 

System Integration

Adding a warehouse pedestrian warning system to your existing warehouse is not complicated. Some systems offer advanced features that allow you to choose where the system will be active in the facility and where it will not. Some of these systems also allow you to track the movement of your equipment on the floor through computer software and sensors inside the facility. 

Common areas, where forklifts and stock pickers pass regularly but are isolated from the machines, are eliminated from the system so that the alerts do not go off every time a machine goes by. Offices, breakrooms, labs, or other areas people are in but are protected by the structure, are good places to take out of the system.

When you are setting up the system, it is good to have the company that sells the equipment come and install the system for you. They can go over all the functions of the system, how to set up the software and set exception zones, and troubleshoot any issues to ensure that everything is up and running before they leave.

Any employee using the system will also need to be trained on the system to ensure they understand how to use it correctly for the warehouse pedestrian warning system to be effective.  

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