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3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Pool Pump During The Winter Season

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When the winter season settles in and you have a pool, it will usually mean you will have to take a few extra steps to close up your backyard water entertainment for the season. The pool pump is one of the more costly pool components, but with the right protection and preparation during all seasons, it can easily last you through several years of use. Unfortunately, making a few wrong turns during the winter with your pool pump can have you needing a replacement when swimming season rolls back around. Take a look at these three easy tips to protect your pool pump during the winter season. 

1. Make sure the pump is completely free and clear of water.

Standing water is never a good thing inside of a pool pump that will not be operational for an extended period–with or without the cold weather. Stagnated water inside can leave your pump mildewy but also, water inside of a pump left outdoors can freeze and crack or bust some of the mechanical components of the pool pump. For these reasons, it is a must that you completely empty the pool pump of any water that is hanging out inside before you shut everything down for the winter. Remove plugs and allow any water out, turn off the water supply and turn on the pump for only a few minutes, and even use a dry towel to soak up any remaining moisture.

2. Disconnect the water supply lines to the pump.

Once you have drained and dried the pool pump, it is a good idea to disconnect any water supply lines leading to it. Even though your intention may be to leave the water to the pump off, there can still be water hanging out in the lines that will naturally gravitate toward the pool pump. 

3. Consider taking your pool pump indoors until spring.

This is not a must, but can definitely be a good protective measure if you want your pool pump to last as long as possible. left outdoors in the winter, your pool pump will be exposed to ice, snow, and cold temperatures for several months in some cases. It is a good idea to take down the pump and at the least stick it in your garage for the season. If the pump is too large or it is too much trouble to take the pump inside of a shelter, invest in a pool pump cover or small tarp to drape over it. 

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