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Benefits Of Ultra Coolant For Your Compressor

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If you have a rotary screw compressor in your manufacturing facility, then you want to make sure that the machine works well and is properly maintained. This means keeping the machine at a safe and effective working temperature at all times. Like your vehicle, the machine requires a coolant to draw heat away from the motor during operation. Ultra coolant is one type that you may want to invest in. Keep reading to learn about some benefits of this coolant over other options.

Reduced Carryover

Ultra coolant is made to ensure the stability of the fluid so that foaming is not an issue. Foaming occurs as bubbles enter the fluid, and while this is a normal occurence as fluid moves through the system, the coolant keeps the bubbles from forming a blanket of air. This blanket can cause something called carryover where contaminants are carried out of the coolant. This occurs when steam is created and the air bubbles release from the coolant.

The reduction in carryover helps to retain the cleanliness of your machinery and it also reduces the loss of coolant. With that said, you can expect some general loss. General coolants require added fluid every few months. Ultra fluid loss will be a fraction of that of other fluids, but you should check levels at least once a month to make sure they are optimal. After all, coolant leaks can occur and running machinery with lower levels of coolant can cause heat stress and damage. 

High Flash Point

If your machines run hot due to extensive use or warm temperatures in your facility, then you can expect this heat to take a toll on your machines. Ultra coolants help to reduce heat stress with their high thermal conductivity, which means heat is absorbed well into the fluid. Also, the coolant has a high flash point. The flash point is where a material will turn into a vapor and ignite.

A high flash point means additional safety and optimal cooling at high temperatures. 

While to coolant is able to work under high-stress conditions, you will need to make sure that the coolant filtration system is maintained. Changing filters often will reduce the chances of clogs forming and causing fluid backup an poor cooling ability. 

If you want to know more about ultra coolant and how to ensure the best possible working conditions for your screw compressor, speak with a coolant or industrial supply professional.