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Forgotten Services Often Offered By Forklift Repair Companies

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From maneuvering materials to unloading trucks, forklifts serve a hugely valuable purpose in a lot of workplace settings. There is no doubt that you will call on a forklift repair service for help with your units at some point. Yet, even companies who rely on forklift repair companies a lot oftentimes have no idea just what they have to offer. Check out some of the common but forgotten services often offered by forklift repair services. 

Forklift Operation Certification Classes 

If you need someone to help you get employees certified for on-the-job use of forklifts, make sure you ask the forklift repair company for advice. A lot of these places offer forklift training classes either at their facilities or by sending a certified teacher to your place of business to train groups of employees at one time. In addition, some of these companies offer training programs to train on-site forklift operation instructors for your business. 

Contracted Forklift Maintenance Services 

Taking care of an entire fleet of forklifts can be a major feat. There are certain points of maintenance that should be handled on a repeat basis to ensure the forklift is safe and efficient to operate. If you struggle to keep up with the maintenance requirements of your business's forklifts, it is a good idea to consider contracted forklift maintenance services. These contracted services are usually offered by general forklift repair companies. Instead of calling the company as needed, the company will keep a detailed record of your equipment and come to you when it is time to perform certain tasks. For example, the forklift repair company will send someone out when:

  • It is time to replace the tires on the unit 
  • It is time to perform a thorough cleaning of the unit
  • It is time to lubricate the moving parts of the unit 

Forklift Rental Services

When the forklifts in your place of business have to be down for a while or have to be completely replaced, it can bring certain aspects of daily production to a halt. If you have a forklift repair company that you are working with to get a unit repaired, make sure you ask if they offer rental forklifts for people who need them. Many forklift repair companies actually do offer forklift rentals because the two services can be so closely related when a customer needs help with a unit that has to be repaired. 

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