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What Causes Hydraulic Seals To Wear Out?

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If you work with a hydraulic system, then you have probably had to replace hydraulic seals before. After all, these seals can wear out or break, leaving them useless. Although you might not mind replacing worn-out hydraulic seals so that you can keep your hydraulic system up and running, you might be wondering what causes them to wear out. These are some of the things that can cause hydraulic seals to start showing signs of wear and tear.

Lower Quality Seals

First of all, when it's time to purchase a hydraulic seal for your hydraulic system, you should make sure that you buy a high-quality hydraulic seal to install. Overall, hydraulic seals are typically pretty affordable, even if you buy a higher-quality seal. Therefore, you will probably find it's worth it to buy a higher-quality seal if you can. Then, you might find that the seals will not wear out as quickly.

Improper Seal Fit

Another thing that you should pay close attention to when purchasing hydraulic seals is to make sure that they are the proper size for your hydraulic system. After all, if a hydraulic seal is too small, it might be stretched when it's in use. This can lead to the hydraulic seal wearing out more quickly than usual. A hydraulic seal that is too loose might move around too much and might wear out, too. Buying hydraulic seals that are the proper size for your hydraulic system is a good way to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Improper Seal Installation

If you don't put your hydraulic seals on the right way, they might not do their job properly. Additionally, they might wear out a lot more quickly due to improper installation. If you are going to be installing your own hydraulic seals, you should be careful to ensure that you do the job properly. Otherwise, you might want to hire a hydraulic system repair professional to assist.

General Wear and Tear

Even if you purchase the right hydraulic seals and make sure that they are installed properly, you might still find that they will wear out eventually. Luckily, it might take a little while longer for them to wear out. Still, due to general wear and tear, there is the possibility that your hydraulic seals can wear out over time. Therefore, you might want to keep a few extra hydraulic seals on hand so that you can replace a damaged hydraulic seal.

Speak with a professional who works with hydraulic seals for more information.