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Tips For Buying The Right Planetary Mixer Equipment

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When it comes to industrial work, it's always a matter of having the most reliable and sophisticated tools at your disposal. If you are regularly mixing silicone or industrial projects, it only makes sense that you would also invest in planetary mixers. These mixers will lighten your workload and help make your factory more productive. Here are a few things you should consider if you're getting ready to purchase a planetary mixer.

1. Learn what these mixers do and how they work

With a planetary mixer, you have a mixing bowl attached to a motor, along with metal tools and shafts that mix silicone materials at high speed. The industrial version is similar in principle to how planetary mixers in baking shops work. This machinery will mix, blend, and otherwise manipulate your silicone material or any other mixtures that you're working with.

Planetary mixers are versatile and can help you in the manufacturing process in dealing with adhesives, sealants, plastics, concrete, ceramic materials, glue, wax products, and more. Planetary mixers will be useful when you require speed and effectiveness.

2. Think of your workloads and determine your specification needs

There are always plenty of specifications you should pay attention to if you're going to purchase a planetary mixer. Some of these specs might include motor horsepower, total capacity, and working capacity. The capacities are measured in liters, while the output is measured in terms of horsepower. You should also get to know the working temperatures of these machines and how this will play a role in the materials that are mixed and blended. Figure out what kind of work you will be doing most with this equipment so that you're able to add it to your production line without an issue.

3. Choose all of the features that you think will help

There's something to be said about seeing a planetary mixer in person and trying it out before making any rash decisions. For instance, you may want to be careful about the type of material the mixer is made with. Steel is often best when working with silicone, while aluminum mixers might be best with other materials. A hydraulic lift is also a feature that could be worthwhile depending on the weight that these mixers will handle.

When you're trying to get performance out of your industrial settings, having something as powerful and effective as a planetary mixer can be useful. Start with these tips as you shop for one.