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How Light-Duty Clear Plastic Sheeting Is Perfect For Emergencies

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When you think of emergency supplies, you might think of flashlights, batteries, and water. All of these things have their uses in an emergency. But few emergency supplies are as versatile as clear plastic sheeting. With a good supply of light-duty clear plastic sheeting, you can build shelter, make repairs, store food, and keep your firewood dry. Clear plastic sheeting is ideal for emergencies.

Plastic sheeting is cheap and easy to store because it comes in rolls. So, if you live in an area that is prone to storms or other natural disasters, you'd be wise to keep a supply of plastic sheeting at hand.

Light-duty clear plastic sheeting and heavy-duty plastic sheeting can help you in many ways during an emergency.

To make emergency repairs

Disasters can strike without warning. For instance, trees can fall over in storms and damage your home. Although you can't make extensive repairs, you can at least keep the elements out by sealing up damaged areas of your home with duct tape and plastic sheeting.

To protect electrical equipment before a storm

Severe storms can wreak havoc on electrical equipment when they sweep through an area causing flooding. To prepare for a possible flood, wrap your electrical equipment in light-duty plastic sheeting. Then move those electronics to higher ground. This will help protect expensive electrical equipment during a severe storm.

To seal off areas contaminated by asbestos

If you stumble upon asbestos on your property or in an area where you are working, you should seal that area off to prevent contaminated air from escaping. With clear light-duty plastic sheeting and duct tape, you can seal off contaminated areas while still keeping them visible for assessment purposes.

To build a temporary shelter

Clear plastic sheeting can help you build temporary shelters in emergencies. Following the devastating hurricanes that struck Honduras in November 2020, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) sent 361 rolls of plastic sheeting to help create temporary shelter for over 17,000 people.

With some tarp clips and rocks, you can create a temporary shelter with clear light-duty plastic sheeting.

To keep firewood from getting wet

If an emergency forces you to live outdoors or out in the wilderness, plastic sheeting is an invaluable item to have at your disposal. To keep warm, you'll need to keep a fire burning. But you'll also need a way to keep your firewood dry when it rains. Wet firewood doesn't burn very well. You can wrap or cover your firewood supply in plastic sheeting to prevent rain from soaking it.

To collect rainwater

Natural disasters like floods, storms, fires, and hurricanes can cause enough devastation to leave you without clean water for drinking and bathing. By suspending some light-duty plastic sheets over containers, you can collect rainwater for drinking and washing during an emergency.

To build a greenhouse

Some emergencies may leave you low on food supplies. You'll then need to grow your own food for a time. Light-duty clear plastic sheeting is ideal for building a greenhouse that will allow you to grow food year-round. And a great thing about plastic is that it is 5-10 times better at insulating than glass is. And plastic sheeting won't break or shatter like glass might.

To winterize windows during a winter storm

When winter storms strike, you may struggle to stay warm inside your home, especially if you aren't able to get outside to get firewood. But if you have some plastic sheeting available, you can cover your windows and doors to insulate your home and block freezing draughts.

Light-duty clear plastic sheeting is an essential item for your emergency supply kit. Should an emergency strike without warning, clear plastic sheeting can help you in many different ways. If you have yet to add light-duty clear plastic sheeting to your emergency supply kit, seek out a plastic sheeting supplier near you to do so.