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3 Myths About Heating Oil

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Keeping your home warm during the winter is a top priority. There are many different types of heating systems available on the market that can help you accomplish your heating goals. Having as much information about each of these systems as possible is critical if you want to make an informed decision.

Heating oil is often misunderstood by consumers. Learning the truth about this specialized fuel source will help you overcome any false beliefs you may have heard about heating oil in the past.

1. Heating Oil is Bad for the Environment

You may have heard people say that heating oil can negatively affect the environment. This statement simply isn't true. In fact, heating oil is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel sources for modern home heating systems.

Heating oil is a very dense fossil fuel. This means that it has a lot of energy stored by volume. A little heating oil will go a long way toward keeping your home warm. Heating oil is also a clean-burning fuel, which minimizes its impact on the environment. Experts estimate that ultra low-sulfur heating oil today produces 97% less airborne emissions during use. Choosing heating oil for your home can be a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

2. Heating Oil Systems are Expensive

Cost is a major concern for homeowners looking to upgrade their heating systems. A lot of people think that a heating oil system is expensive, but the cost of these heating systems can be very affordable over time. The average lifespan of an oil furnace is about 15 years. This means that you won't have to replace your oil furnace often.

Heating oil can be purchased in bulk from a heating oil company. Bulk fuel purchases qualify you to receive a discount which significantly reduces the amount of money needed to keep your furnace working properly. You must think about the long-term costs of a heating oil system to appreciate how affordable these systems really are.

3. Heating Oil Isn't Safe

When you install an oil furnace in your home, you will invest in a storage tank to house your supply of heating oil. A lot of homeowners worry that having fuel stored on-site can be risky, but heating oil is very stable and safe in its natural form. Heating oil can only be ignited by the specialized burning system within an oil furnace. You will never have to worry about your heating oil becoming a fire hazard while it's stored on your property.

To learn more, contact local heating oil companies.